Rhode Island

What is it that ties us to the state where we currently live and adopt it as the one we're "from"? How does living in our states define us? States of America is a series of short documentaries--one from each of our 50 states--that ask these questions by featuring everyday people as diverse as the landscape in the places they call home. This is a story of Rhode Island.

Jack Welch is a native of Rhode Island and has called the Ocean State his home for all 82 years of his life. A former beloved teacher and principal, he is now a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, a tour guide with the Providence Preservation Society, and an avid cyclist. Jack believes that the people you spend your life with have the greatest potential to inspire you—a creed he embodies with his own life-affirming, cheerful service to others.

*States of America is created and produced by Brad Barber
*Rhode Island is directed and shot by Brad Barber, edited by Kelton Davis, with music by Micah Dahl Anderson. Title design by Brian Turley and Mark T. Lewis.

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