What is it that connects us to the state where we live?  What makes us adopt it as the one we're "from"? How do these places define us? States of America is a series of short documentaries--one from each of our 50 states--that ask these questions by featuring everyday people as diverse as the physical and cultural landscapes they call home. This is a story of Iowa.

Since apprenticing for a retired fiddler after college, Beth has grown into an unassuming cultural staple within her community. Working at the Co-op by day and fronting her folk band by night, each year she performs at a festival celebrating the midwest's vast Scandinavian ancestry.  Her act draws hundreds of townspeople and visitors from across the region, teaching them to dance together in a scene of simple pageantry, unity, and wonder.

*States of America is created and produced by Brad Barber
*Iowa is directed by Brad Barber & Susan Krueger-Barber, edited by Shelly Rose, shot by Brad Barber, with music by Micah Dahl Anderson. Title design by Brian Turley and Mark T. Lewis.


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