What is it that connects us to the state where we live?  What makes us adopt it as the one we're "from"? How do these places define us? States of America is a series of short documentaries--one from each of our 50 states--that ask these questions by featuring everyday people as diverse as the physical and cultural landscapes they call home.  This is a story of Missouri.

Sarah's ancestors helped found the state of Missouri and she has always felt strong roots connecting her to the land once home to frontier women and men. After a life-changing illness led her to reassess everything, she is now busy building a new type of homestead on her own frontier.

*States of America is created and produced by Brad Barber
*Missouri is directed by Brad Barber & Susan Krueger-Barber, shot by Brad Barber, edited by Jared Jakins, with music by Micah Dahl Anderson. Title design by Brian Turley and Mark T. Lewis


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